Johan Ederfors has worked as a composer for 25 years and mostly composed classical music. His music has been performed by swedish orchestras and musicians and he has also been broadcasted by Swedish national Radio P1 and P2.

Ederfors trade mark anyway is that he composess music in many different styles and genres, mainly instrumental music.

Born 1974 in Kalmar, Sweden, grew up in Älmhult. Started playing trumpet at music school and at the same time practising piano at home.

Ederfors played the trumpet in Älmhults Musikkår (a concert and marching band) and also started a band with friends where he played keyboards.

In 1994 Ederfors went into the civil service as a trumpet player on horseback in Stockholm. This is where he took up a serious interest for making music.

1996-2001, Ederfors studied at Malmö Acedemy of Music. This is where he was awarded the degree of master of education in composing and arranging.

1999-2005, member of the altcountry rockband Deeptone as a pianist and songwriter.


2001-2003, Ederfors worked as music teacher at the musical gymnasium De Geer in Norrköping.

During the summer 2003 he moved north to Östersund, where he now works as arranger, composer, musician and musicteacher.

2006 Ederfors moved to the little village Ede, Offerdal, outside Östersund.

2011 Release of his portrait-CD, The Festival of the Poplars.

2018 Release of Ederfors first Solo Album, Working on It.

2019 Release of Ederfors Piano Album, Idyllium.

2021 Release of Ederfors Solo Album, The Sky is open.

2024 Release of Ederfors Solo Album, Do Something Good.